Bandung, Jokowi Serious Chat with Ridwan Kamil

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo met the Mayor of London Ridwan Kamil in the Office of Mayor of Bandung , Jalan Merdeka , the Well London , City of London , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) afternoon . Once met , the two men have a serious discussion in the office Ridwan .

Observation , Jokowi up to London Mayor ‘s office around 11:00 am after traveling about three hours from Jakarta . Jokowi using a black Toyota Land Cruiser 1961 RFR B with three car entourage bodyguards and mass media .

Jokowi wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants , looks greeted his office in front of Ridwan Kamil . Ridwan took Jokowi look Bandung City Tour which was parked in front of the office of Mayor of Bandung .

Furthermore , both of them went into the office and talk directly Ridwan serious . Journalists are given the opportunity to record a few minutes of their conversation quietly . However , it remains unknown what the topic of conversation both. After that , reporters are welcome to come out and meetings held behind closed doors .

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Jokowi come to Bandung Mayor is not alone . He helped bring the Head of Planning and Regional Development Jakarta Andi Baso .


Meet Suryadharma, Rhoma Central Axis Coalition Seeks Part II

The candidate will be the presidential candidate of the National Awakening Party Rhoma Irama visit DPP Office Development Party in Menteng , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . He welcomed Chairman PPP Suryadharma Ali , Vice Chairman of PPP Emron Pangkapi , and a number of other PPP officials . Rhoma arrival of this coalition is to explore the possibility of a two -volume central axis .

" I came here to do a central axis of the possibility of political communication re- built . Just a meeting to discuss . Yet decided anything , " Rhoma said after the meeting .

According Rhoma , his visit to the PPP ‘s not the first time he acted on behalf of the CLA to discuss the possibility of a coalition associated central axis of two volumes . Previously , Rhoma said , he never met a politician PKS , Hidayat Nur Wahid , and Chairman of the National Mandate Party Hatta Rajasa .

Rhoma judge , when Islamic parties joined , the vote obtained in the last legislative elections will be significant .

Meanwhile , Suryadharma said , the possibility of a coalition could happen . According to him , the central axis has also been joined in two periods of the SBY because all parties affiliated with the central axis of the volume , namely PPP , PKS , PKB , PAN , and the United Nations , also affiliated with the Democratic Party coalition raised .

" In the period SBY maybe we could call a central axis plus because there are not a party of Islamic parties , such as Golkar and Democrat . Now that we are talking with Bang Rhoma can be like that too , " said Suryadharma .

According to him , the possibility of coalition about the central axis of the two volumes will be resumed next week by presenting a high-ranking Islamic party . He requested that the meetings were held in the Office of the PPP because his party is the oldest Islamic party .

" In the first place elderly relatives dong , eh Bang Haji , " said Suryadharma .

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Rhoma hope other leaders of Islamic political parties to give a response to this discourse . ” Instead , we seat the first , we equate the first perception , we are discussing a new plan ahead , ” said Rhoma .


Application Use It For Heartbleed Attack Detection in Android

Devices based on Android version 4.1.1 Jelly Bean rumored to have slits high enough above the vulnerability to hacker attacks. The gap was caused by the use of OpenSSL version Heartbleed infected bugs.

From the number of Android users that reached more than 1 billion, approximately 34% reported Google is using Android Jelly Bean version. To determine whether your Android phone Heartbleed free of infection or not, an application called Heartbleed Detector specially created by anti-virus firm Lookout.

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Heartbleed Detector is available for free in the Android app store specifically, the Google Play Store. Application Heartbleed gap detection is only the size of 219KB.

In this application, Lookout provides three statements that provide information on the conditions that exist on your Android smartphone. The first statement describes the conditions of the OpenSSL infection, both operating systems and third overall description.

Average Jelly Bean Android-based phones will get the information that the version of OpenSSL that is in it likely to be exposed Heartbleed bug. However, the next statement will indicate the level of security vulnerabilities in Android devices. When you are in a safe condition, then it notifies the application that the device is used in a safe condition.

But unfortunately this is not a direct fix application vulnerabilities that are available Android devices. Lookout will only recommend that users update the existing system in the device when it contained a dangerous loophole.

Although exposed though, Android users actually do not need to worry. Therefore, Lookout said until now there has been no reports of hacker attacks targeting users of mobile devices. But it helps us to remain vigilant.


Be careful! Android Jelly Bean Also Vulnerable to Attacks ‘Heart Bleed’

The threat of hacking that caused the security hole of Heartbleed bug was not only threaten millions of sites . Google’s mobile operating system , Android , is also rumored to have a high degree of risk of attack due to the gap .
Millions of Android-based tablets and smartphones mentioned vulnerable to hacker attacks due Heartbleed . The vulnerability reportedly present in devices using version 4.1.1 of Android Jelly Bean .

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The information was revealed by a security official Google blog through hers . The online giant says that the existing gap on Android operating system version 4.1.1 OpenSSL due to the use of the so-called most vulnerable Heartbleed bug .

As revealed by IBT Times , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) , Google itself does not explain how many devices are at risk due to hackers attacked Heartbleed .

However , recent data Google says about 34.4 % of the over 900 million Android-based devices in circulation are still using Android 4.1.x. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android released in mid 2012 as an improvement of the problems caused by Android 4.1 .

Google still has not revealed the details of the steps already done it to patch the gap . The company claims to have distributed bug patch updates the alias to all Android partners .


Election disappointment citizens in western Japan

West Japan such as Osaka and surrounding areas are similar to those of Surabaya outspoken, daring to speak. Similarly, citizens who are now settled there. After the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka announced via his Facebook, there is also criticism from citizens of Indonesia (WNI) that exist in western Japan, Osaka Consulate entrance area for the 9 April 2014 elections.

Initially Lighting KJRIOsaka wrote that postal ballots will begin to be calculated on 12/13 April 2014. Then a citizen, Yoan Esther Margaretha, dated April 10 post, “Many are not given the right to vote Consulate General in Osaka. Myself and letters can not teman2 via voice mail, very disappointed … “

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It was addressed to the name of the PPLN Osaka Anung TE’A April 11, the “Previously on behalf of PPLN Osaka, we are sorry if there are many citizens who do not get a voice mail. Sejujuranya me as one of the PPLN Osaka, I was also very, very disappointed .

Until the late-late, skip work just to enter the ballot envelope, attach a label to take it to a courier to send …. but many ballots were returned because the address was not known, and others have moved sebagaiya. We also do not know, Mrs. Esther Margaretha Yoan does not receive ballots for what. Must be checked and seen again why could not receive ballots. ”
As for the April 9 polls that come directly nyoblos to Indonesian Consul General in Osaka with the following results:
MCC 33 
PDIP 27 
Gerindra 8 
PAN 8 
Nasdem 6 
Golkar 5 
Not valid 5 
PPP 4 
Democrats 2 
CLA 1 
UN 1 
Hanura 0 
The results of the counting of votes sent via postal mail will be done 15 in Tokyo and Osaka on April 12/13 April.
The vote at 513 polling stations of Tokyo voice vote, 12 votes were invalid, while of 501 valid votes, MCC gained 178 votes (35.5%), followed by the PDIP with 146 votes (29.1%) and 3rd position Gerindra with the acquisition of 43 votes (8.6%). 4th PAN with 39 votes and 5th Golkar Party with 25 votes.


Loss of Private Detectives Investigate Participate MH370

BEIJING - Canadian private Dektektif Max Vermij participate in the process of investigating the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Vermij argue that suicide becomes the main suspicion in the case .

" Anyone who deliberately destroy aircraft with many innocent passengers inside the same as mass murder ," said Max , as quoted by the Globe and Mail , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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Previously , the law firm from the United States ( U.S. ) , Ribbeck Law Chartered International , asked for his help to collect the related analysis of what ‘s going on with the plane belonged to Malaysia Airlines .

Max will be involved in penyedikan MH370 . He will see a lot of demands and recriminations after the loss of the aircraft .

The first time Max will fly to start the work and China is one goal to search the data . Although many professional researchers from every country is involved he will still come to help .

According to the statement , he would examine the evidence of their work and the possibility of debris will appear , including flight data and voice recorders , which can be used to prosecute and win the family of passenger aircraft .
Max has been a dozen years into the safety of the Transportation Council , she chose to work as a private investigator in 1987 . He also has experience as much as a thousand cases of air accidents in the five continents .


Teasing Putin: U.S. letter voyeur guy

President Vladimir Putin , teasing the United States Government ( U.S.), which he described as a handyman peeping other people’s letters . Putin ‘s teasing reference to U.S. meddling in Russian letters to the leaders of the European Union related to the Ukrainian gas debts to Moscow to be repaid .
Putin feels strange , because the letter was never addressed to Washington , but they come to read it . ” It’s a little weird , ” said Putin after the Russian Foreign Minister , Sergei Lavrov tells U.S. comments during a meeting of the Security Council of Russia .
" ( The behavior of the U.S. ) is odd at any rate , because it is bad to read other people’s letters . ( Letter ) was not addressed to them ( the U.S. ) , but the gas consumers in Europe , "said Putin , last night ( 04.11.2014 ) , as quoted by Russia Today.
"Everyone is familiar with the fact that our friend , eavesdropping America , but has now switched to peek action ( letter ) that shabby at all , " said Putin .
Disclosure of the U.S. action inside peek letter from Russia to the EU leaders after a spokesman for the U.S. State Department , Jen Psaki , accused Russia reneged on an agreement about the price of gas offered to Ukraine . ” Energy ( gas ) is used ( Russia ) as a means of coercion against Ukraine, “said Psaki .

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Letter from the Russian , Putin said , actually addressed to European countries including France , Italy , Greece , Turkey , Bulgaria , Moldova , Poland and Romania . Putin warned that Ukraine ‘s debt crisis has reached critical levels and threatening the distribution of gas to Europe .


"Apple Not Have Desired Consumer"

Apple - Samsung patent dispute , which is entering the second half , helped uncover a number of interesting facts . One is a collection of slides for Apple internal meetings in 2013 that discusses strategies for 2014 .

In the slide that looks similar to a presentation at the launch of the iPhone , Apple describes the challenges faced in the market in the future .

A short sentence sums up the problem facing Apple . It reads , ” Consumers want ( stuff ) that we ( Apple ) does not have ” .

That is , as described in the slides cited by Re / code , Apple capturing more smartphone growth tendency that leads to the type of device that is inexpensive and width (wider than the iPhone ) .

Apple does not have a device that offer ” cheap ” and ” wide ” while the growth of the iPhone which has been the mainstay of smartphones gradually decreased from year to year .

Participate underlined , the tendency partner mobile operators to restrict the sale of Apple iPhone for several reasons , among others, that have a high market share , the subsidy burden, and ” hostile policy ” .

On the other hand, the competitor - marked with the Android - mentioned robots have improved the quality of the hardware and ecosystem , and spent “a significant amount ” of money for marketing activities . It is not clear , where the manufacturer is Apple as a ” competitor ” here .

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The slide set is part of a series of documents that were brought to the surface by Samsung , opponents Apple patent dispute in court . Another document that also disclosed including internal e - mail Steve Jobs is waging ” war ” on Google .


India Largest Election Begin Today

India to hold elections ( elections ) starting today , Monday ( 07/04/2014 ) . With a turnout of more than 800 million people , India is a party election largest democracy in the world . China as the world’s largest population of applying a single candidate system to determine the leader .

As published by the BBC on Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) , in this election , two major parties , the Congress Party will fight the ruling Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) . Both parties at this time to be the strongest . (see also: pakan burung kacamata)

In addition , the AAP regional anti-corruption party also contested the election after spectacular results in local polls . AAP ( Aam Aadmi , or the General People’s Party ) achieve brilliant results in the state assembly polls in the capital Delhi and won all the seats in parliament .

A number of smaller regional parties will also participate . If no single party wins a majority , smaller parties can play an important role in the formation of the government .

The vote was not held simultaneously or over 9 times the voting on the different areas . The vote will be conducted in each state with a different time , for 1 month or more , which began April 7 to May 12 2014.

For example on April 7 , voting was held only in two states of India . Then on April 9 , the election was held in 5 other states , and so on until May 12.

The new vote counting conducted on May 16. Hundreds of millions of people will decide the fate of the next state which overshadowed government corruption and high inflation .

Election India is fighting 543 seats Lok Sabha ( lower house of parliament ) . Party declared to be the winner and form a government if won 272 seats .

This year the number of voters increased by about 100 million from 2009, which is to be 814 million . Approximately 930,000 polling stations ( TPS ) is provided . The number of polling stations also rose from 830,000 polling stations on election earlier .

In this election , electronic voting will be used for the first time . However, the potential group of white voters ( abstentions ) the greater .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Spavista, Best Startup Indonesia in Echelon 2014

Skystar Ventures business incubator cooperated with e27 , platform -based technology startup founders , Indonesia Satellite Echelon 2014 held at Multimedia Nusantara University , Serpong , Tangerang on Thursday ( 03/24/2014 ) .

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At this event there are ten finalists who will perform startup pitching products and services in front of the judges’ panel . Pitching a startup founder is an opportunity to showcase their products or services which then will be assessed by the jury .

The presentation is divided into two sessions . In the first session of pitching acted by engaged in the provision of services for both personal accounting calculations and companies ; Codemi Global , a provider of online teaching services ; PT Buqu Global , a digital publishing platform and bookstore ; Dinopal Pte.Ltd , transportation services and applications that provides services to share information about restaurants in Jakarta .

Which is then followed by five other startup namely , the service provider for both music listeners and musicians ; maskoolin , shopping sites have specificity in menswear ; PT Indonesian Business Portal , site business services ; Spavista , search services and booking appointments for health and beauty services , as well as the latter is ThingTank , search aggregators appropriate reference desired product .

Once it held a poll to determine who is a favorite of attendees .

For the best startup selected by a jury consisting of Stefan Jung , Co - founder and Managing Director , Rocket Internet South East Asia , and Edi Taslim as Digital Group Reuters Group Director , Michael Lints Fazhan Ventures as Managing Director and Thaddeus Koh , COO & Co - founder e27 .

For startup JKTgo favorite and won by the best startup Indonesian Echelon Satellite 2014 Spavista . This means , Spavista eligible for the Tech Conference in Singapore , 10 and 11 June.

This event became a valuable opportunity for the Indonesian entrepreneurs , especially in the field of technology . At least not through this show looks how business startup Indonesia has started and continues to grow in demand .

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As presented by Stefan Jung , Co - founder and Managing Director of Rocket Internet South East Asia , Indonesia has much growing startup . ” It used to be three years ago , events like this are very quiet startup and present ideas that were not varied like today , ” he said .